Who is the PMA?

The PMA is the association of paraglider manufacturers.

PMA members:
BGD, Dudek, Flymaster Avionics, Gin Gliders, Gradient, Niviuk, Ozone, Papesh, Swing, Sky Paragliders, SupAir, Turnpoint, Woody Valley

PMA in St. Hilaire 2007, color photo

PMA in St. Hilaire 2007

What are the goals of the PMA?

Here is an excerpt of the statutes:

Article 2 - Purpose of the PMA

1. The purpose of the PMA consists in the development, formulation and representation of joint positions, at a worldwide level towards pilot associations, flying schools, public authorities and any other institutions associated with paragliding, like the trade press and the public.

2. The purpose of the association PMA is aimed at an idealistic joint interest of our industrial sector, not at a commercial business operation. The PMA is not authorized to exercise control over the business activities of its members.

3. The PMA is politically neutral.

Article 3 - Activities of the PMA

1. In this area of tension the PMA understands itself also as a joint platform for the exchange of ideas, for discussion and for the continuing further development of the sport of paragliding. Within the scope of the objectives of the PMA lies also the support of new trends and developments within the sport of paragliding.

2. To summarize the most important objectives of the PMA:
a) to achieve worldwide accepted and united certification standards,in order to offer all pilots uniform safety standards,
b) to support high quality instruction in a solid flying school structure and by doing this to create an excellent basis for the future of the sport of paragliding.

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General statement of the PMA to the DHV safety-class

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