Financial support for further development of the EN standards

The PMA agrees that all paraglider manufacturers should contribute financially to the further development of the EN standards. In 2014/15 the EN standards EN 926-1 (load test for paragliders) and EN 12491 (emergency parachutes), as well as EN 1651 (paraglider harnesses) will be developed further.


This work will be done by the international experts working group WG-6 of volunteer experts coming from the National European standardization organizations such as AFNOR, BSI, DIN, ÖN, SNV etc.
WG-6 meetings mainly take place in the AFNOR building in Paris and the secretarial work for developing the new standards is done by AFNOR secretariat. For the years 2014/15 AFNOR needs 16.000 Euros to finance this work. The financial support so far came from the European pilots associations (EHPU), the paraglider test laboratories and from the paraglider manufacturers.
The planned contribution by the manufacturers is 40% respectively 6400 Euro.

In 2013 about 320 new type test certificates for paragliders have been issued by the paraglider test laboratories:
160 by Air Turquoise,
81 by DHV test laboratory,
about 60-80 by EAPR (exact figure is not published by EAPR)
and few by FFVL test laboratory.
To distribute this contribution by the manufacturers of 6400 Euro in a fair way it would be appropriate to split the 6400 Euro by the number of new type test certificates issued. The result is 20 Euro per paraglider type test certificate issued in 2013.

The PMA will cooperate with the test laboratories to find a suitable way to collect this money from all the paraglider manufacturers who certify gliders. This money can then be forwarded to AFNOR as the contribution of the manufacturers for further development of the EN standards and AFNOR secretarial work.