Kössen 2009 - Paragliding Testival

What a Testival, Paragliding Festival and Party.

Lets do it again and keep it nice and simple was the summary of pilots and manufacturers after the first Super Paragliding Testival in Kössen.

Kössen 2009, color picture
Kössen, 2009, color picture
Reini and Sepp, color picture
color picture of the Fliegerbar
the Renegades, color picture

What a phantastic event, 4 days with 1000 pilots and 5400 flights. A really great replacement for Winter Paragliding Testivals in Stubai or Bregenzer Wald.

The perfect flying weather on Thursday and Saturday and the always friendly Team at Sepp Himbergers Fliegerbar created heaps of happy smiles.

22 Paraglider and harness manufacturers from 10 different countries from all over the World were present. Up to 200 pilots at the same time filled the skies above Kössen with colorful spots.
Next year the Super Paragliding Testival in Kössen will be even better. The dates will be around ascension day May 13 again. From May 13-16, Thursday to Sunday.
A total of more than 1200 paragliders or harnesses have been given out for testing. And the most important thing was zero accidents and only happy faces!

Next year we hope to have Christoph Burgers "A Buena Vista" back to listen to the relaxed Cuban Sounds on Saturday until 23:00. During the day the music will be more balanced in volume for a perfect chill out.

And who knows perhaps the Renegades liked it as much as well, that we can watch a revival of their excellent show.

The girls at the Fliegerbar will enchant you even more with their smiles when they serve your perfect steak.
All paraglider brands will have the best product range ever and even Petrus has already promised us the perfect weather.
So don't be late to book your holiday appartment in Kössen for the SUPER PARAGLIDING TESTIVAL from May 13-16 2010.

See you again at Sepp's Fliegerbar in Kössen.

Thanks to Jo Bathmann for the pictures