Loop or Maillon Rapide screw shackle for V-line connection between harness and rescue?

Fixed loop connections have not been cut off in any of the tests, compared to connections with Maillon Rapide!

In a very comprehensive test program, the PMA carried out practical droptests of V-lines connection.

More than 100 practical drop tests were conducted at Edelrid test laboratory. In this case, the strength of V-line connections with loop constriction, without Maillon Rapide shackles, should be investigated. For this purpose, Advance had prepared more than 100 samples of different designs and in different materials.

The reason for this was an unconfirmed statement that loop connections would not provide sufficient strength between harness and rescuer.

In the study, a force of more than 15g (to the maximum load of 120 daN) was simulated as a shock test. It was also possible to clearly measure the actual shock load which then applied to the harness

The following results were presented for the first time in practical proof:

  • The V-line loop connection to the harness (without the Maillon Rapide) is slightly reduced but not limited.
  • Asymmetrical loop connections, which cause friction over the length of the loop, can have a small effect on the strength. In these tests, only Dyneema was tested with Dyneema material.
  • Polyester tapes generally have higher damping values than dyneema webbing or lines. In all cases, it depends on the type of processing and less whether the V-line is looped or connected to a Maillon Rapide.

Following the dynamic drop tests, all specimens were tested in a static tensile test for possible non-visible damage. Even in the case of the static tensile load tests of the already tested samples, no negative influences of “looping”could be determined.

However, it could be clearly shown that the static load tests of the V-lines, or static load tests of the entire harness, are a lot harder than it could happen in practice. This appears to be very soothing to the positive test results.

The PMA's thanks go to the Edelrid and Advance for the effort and cost they have incurred in order to clarify an important technical question:

Are loop connections on V-lines more uncertain than Maillon Rapide connections?




Fixed loop connections have not been cut off in any of the tests, compared to connections with Maillon Rapide!