NEW PMA President Philippe Clerjon

The PMA has voted for Philippe Clerjon as new PMA president during their PMA Annual General Meeting in St. Hilaire on 17 September.

Philippe Clerjon, color photo

The PMA members say thank you to the former president Bruce Goldsmith for his work and commitment. Bruce has stepped back from his position because he is very busy with other work.

Philippe Clerjon is shareholder at Sky Paragliders and former partner in SupAir and has a long time experience in the paragliding industry.

Philippes Road Map for the PMA in 2016 is straightforward: to follow-up important ideas only that are in the interest of all PMA members and to continue to built one worldwide valid safety standard for the sport of paragliding and improve the safety further.

New members are welcome in the PMA. There are two levels of membership for 2016 and membership will start immediately for members who join. Associate membership without voting rights and full membership with voting rights. For inquiries please contact the PMA board of directors Philippe Clerjon (president), Günther Wörl (treasurer) and Nuno Gomes (board member).

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