PMA AGM 21.Sep.2017 - St.Hilaire

Protocol - AGM PMA - September 21 2017 in St. Hilaire, France

The original version has been made in german language – this is only a translation of the original version.

Start 10:30

Present: Simon Campiche (Advance), Hannes Papesh (Phi), Bruce Goldsmith (BGD), Philippe Clerjon, Ary Pradi (SOL), Laurent Chiabaut (SupAir), Günther Wörl (Swing), Sven Altenhein (Edelrid), Frank Gottesmann (Liros), Ernst Strobel (U- turn), Uli Kurrle (Skysport), Wojtek Domański (Dudek)

Members non present: Woody Valley, Gin, Galvenor, Turn Point, Sky Paragliders, Flymaster, UTT

Non-voting Person: 2 Members of Dudek, Christoph Scheer (BGD), Pierre Yves Alloix (SupAir)


1.          Annual Report 2016/17

Membership Development Report

New: Edelrid, Liros, Advance, Near Bird, Skysport, UTT, Sol, U- turn, Gelvenor

Current status: 18 members


There was in 2017 a great reluctance from former members regarding the efficiency of the PMA - "political debating club with no appreciable benefit to the members"


1.1       Activities

1.1.1       V- line test with Advance -Edelrid-PMA

A big thanks for their cost free cooperation goes to Edelrid and Advance.

These tests could be disproved, that a looped connection between the rescue V-line and the harness bridle support the same strength as a suitably dimensioned karabiner connection (rapid link).

 1.1.2     Linen database Edelrid Liros -PMA

In the context of a comparative test, 100 different liners from the manufacturers Liros and Edelrid (Cousin to be followed) have been tested under accredited conditions. For the first time, the construction of the sewing with needle and thread were also listed in detail.

This makes it possible for every manufacturer to reproduce the processing and to use the PMA's line tests for his own sample tests at the test houses. Those present are unanimous in sharing the data and information obtained with all manufacturers, including non-members of the PMA.

Further material tests are being planned, especially in the field of combinational tests on the connected elements.

1.2          Public Relations
Facebook: 114 Follower - Coverage range is up to 2500 per article without additional advertising. The members were urged to make more advertising for the PMA, or to advertise with the membership and to put appropriate references on their own Internet / Facebook pages. The slogan "We all care about safety" is perceived very positively.

1.3          Report Cashier - Günther Wörl

Not for publication

2.            Discharge of the Management Board
The Executive Board was unanimously and without reservations relieved.

3.            Amendments to the statutes?

Not for publication

4.            Executive Elections & Election of the Secretary

Philippe Clerjon and Nuno Gomes had declared not to stand for the board anymore.

Günther Wörl resigned himself as a cashier without counter-candidates, and was reelected with eleven votes, with no abstention, with one abstention

 Laurent Chiabaut stood as the Vice-President of the election without counter-candidates, and was elected with eleven votes, with no vote against, with one abstention

 Hannes Papesh stood as the President of the election without counter-candidates, and was elected with eleven votes, with no abstention, with one abstention.


Guido Reusch resigned as a secretary of the reelection without counter-candidates, and was reelected with 12 votes, without a vote against, for a period of two years.

All the elected ones accepted the election.

5.            Open discussions
The discussion topics were presented by Guido Reusch and the following arrangements were made:

5.1          Tolerance regulation for paragliders

The parties agreed that there is no corresponding provision in EN-926-1 / 926-2. A corresponding template in the form of a PMA directive, which is to be incorporated into the standard later, was regarded as a useful transitional scenario.

Establishment of a Working group guided by Guido Reusch for further elaboration of the relevant PMA regulation on the tolerance of paragliders:

Members of the Working Group

No publication

The work is carried out immediately by the client.


5.2 Interchangeability of materials

EN / LTF does not provide for a change of materials. Common practice with light-weight gliderss is not legally covered.

The parties agreed that a corresponding regulation is missing in all EN standards. A corresponding template in the form of a PMA directive, which is to be incorporated into the standard later, was regarded as a useful transitional scenario.

The founding of an Workinggroup, led by Guido Reusch, was followed by a first exemplary PMA guideline for material / construction changes of paragliders.

Members of the Working Group:

No publication

The work is started immediately by the members.

Further areas to be worked on are to be followed by a new recruitment of the relevant working groups:
• Change of fabric to light fabric is not provided in the EN
• Riser - Preparation of a test specification to change the Riser material.

5.3          Testing of fabrics for parachute rescue systems on water resistance
The participants were informed about the problem of a possible significant increase in air permeability in some rescue equipment. The members agreed that there was a need for action. Guido Reusch will provide the PMA members with a draft regulation on this subject in the short term.
All in all, the members demanded the PMA to issue more standards of its own, especially against the backdrop of an extremely sluggish and inflexible EN standardization work, which was clearly denounced by various members. The standard is sometimes up to 5 years behind the technical development. In this part they forced the PMA to get a greater leadership role to take over was the unanimous opinion.

5.4          Folding Lines for C & B Class
At the end of 2017, the TC136 / WG6 will comply with the proposal on the revision of EN-926-2 adopted in Milan in January 2016. The theme of the folding lines is also dealt with in other classes from the D-Class in a first virtual meeting. There is no official agenda for the meeting out at the moment. The majority of the participants voted with two abstentions for the fact that the PMA also opted for the opening of the folding line regulation for the C-Class. A vote on the opening in the A and / or B-Class did not take place.
The PMA itself is not, but with several experts represented in the WG-6.

5.5          Classification - Change of the B-Class
There was a general discussion about the classification of paragliders. Opinions were heard from the complete abolition, by maintaining the existing system up to the restructuring of the classification, which did not lead to a uniform result. It was agreed that Guido Reusch would compile a corresponding basic elaboration to the PMA Members.

6.            Other: Letter to PMA from A. Zoller on the need for accreditation for inspection bodies
Those present agreed in principle that the accreditation of the test houses only resulted in an improvement of the audit activity in proportion to the effort and costs in a disproportionately small area.
Overall, the maintenance of accreditation was not supported. A clear description of the situation regarding the accreditation according to LuftGerPV § 11 will be submitted to the ministry (BMVI) in Germany.
A corresponding draft is prepared by Guido Reusch in a timely manner and authorized by the Executive Board of PMA.

As no further advice was to be given either on request or on spontaneous advice, the meeting was terminated by Guido Reusch at 4:30 pm.

St. Hilaire 21.09.2017