PMA Annual General Meeting 2014, St. Hilaire

On 18 September 2014 the PMA Annual General Meeting took place in St. Hilaire France. The PMA board of directors is voted for every second year. PMA president Hannes Papesh who has led the PMA since their foundation in 2007 did not want to be a candidate for the presidentship again. The PMA members thank him for all the voluntary work he did during these seven years for the manufacturers association and as well for all pilots and wish him good luck for the future.


left: Bruce Goldsmith, the new PMA president - right: Hannes Papesh (color photo)

Bruce Goldsmith, new PMA president - and Hannes Papesh, former president

PMA group in st.hilaire, 2014 (color photo)

PMA members group, St. Hilaire 2014.

line color scheme graphic, color illustration

PMA line color scheme graphic

The new PMA board of directors consists of Bruce Goldsmith, BGD as the new PMA president, Günther Wörl, Swing as treasurer and Nuno Gomes, Flymaster as board member.

PMA decided to recommend a uniform line color scheme for all paragliders. This will help the safety of all pilots and especially for students when the school is using paragliders of different brands. After researching the line colors used by the majority of manufacturers these line colors have been chosen: A/A' red - B yellow - C+D blue - brake orange - stabilo green.

PMA decided to publish a Newsletter which will appear in irregular intervalls about three times per year. This Newsletter will contain information by the manufacturers which are important for all pilots. You will be able to subscribe to this Newsletter soon.

A short version of more PMA’s decisions as far as they will be relevant for the public will follow soon.

Group picture, PMA members, St. Hilaire 2014. From left to right: DDr. Helmut Raffelsberger (Organisator iPES), Günther Wörl (Swing), Nuno Gomes (Flymaster), Konrad Görg (Aircross), Hannes Papesh (PMA ex-president), Ricardo Figueiredo (Flymaster), Simone Caldana (Woody Valley), Wojciech Domanski (Dudek), Bruce Goldsmith (BGD, new PMA president), Philipp Medicus (Nova), Daniel Tyrkas (Swing), Hans Bausenwein (PMA CEO), Arne Wehrlin (Skywalk), Ary Pradi (Sol)