PMA statement re. ENZO 2

Official PMA statement re. ENZO 2 flown in the PWC SUPERFINAL in Governador Valadares

The PMA is the Paraglider Manufacturers Association and as such we would like to express our disapproval of the recent events at the PWC Superfinal. 1) Having studied the available facts it is the opinion of the PMA that the Enzo 2 flown in the PWC Superfinal did not conform to its certification and should therefore be considered as not certified during the competition.
2) Furthermore we believe that Ozone’s statement that the Enzo 2 flown in the PWC Superfinal does comply with the certification test sample was not correct. A 40cm difference in the trailing edge length cannot be regarded as compliant.  It is stated in the EN standard that it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to define his own production tolerances. If Ozone neglected to specify these tolerances then the PMA generally would agree on the ‘reasonable’ tolerance of 0.5%, which is also proposed in the new CIVL legislation.
3) The PMA believe that a trailing edge length difference of 40cm is not „a small change“ and requires a complete new certification. Even if the glider passes more tests these can not be retrospectively applied to earlier competitions.

4) One of our members may have broken the PMA statutes and this is currently under careful consideration.The statues of the PMA state in Art 10 :"All members are expected to conduct business in an honest and moral way. This means that all publications in any form, from members should be truthful. This is particularly important in the subject of certification and safety issues. Publications in this instance include but is not limited to: - websites - forums - advertising in any form - letters and emails - press releases. This moral obligation applies equally to other areas of business activity, such as company law, employment and financial matters.“