PMA recommendations reg. FAI cat1 competition rules

PMA recommendations to CIVL regarding FAI cat.1 competition rules


  • The PMA is convinced that having competition wings in the EN system is a bad idea, not least because it leads to a corruption of the EN classes. The PMA also thinks that having to trim a competition wing to pass EN certification MAY lead to said wing showing unwanted behaviour, not least in the deep-stall department
  • The PMA is convinced that limiting the speed indirectly by EN test results is not a sustainable situation because of the danger to test and certification pilots. Experience has already proved this to be dangerous. Test/certification pilots are not expendable, they are exposed to enough risk as it is.
  • The PMA is convinced that any other mandatory flight test with pilot input will not improve the safety. Almost any glider can pass whatever test with a good test pilot at the controls and the PMA does not want to create a system based on test pilots skills.
  • The PMA is convinced that the EN limitation of competition gliders is making the game less fair than it was before. For organisers and pilots alike it is almost impossible to check everything on the glider accurately. Suspicions between competitors, cheating and poor checking proceedures are not helping the sport.


  1. The PMA would like to see rules introduced for competition wings that would have a real effect on in-air safety.
  2. The PMA would like to see the emphasis on glider top speed be reduced/taken out of paragliding competitions.
  3. The PMA would welcome a situation where light or heavy pilots can also compete fairly. With the current rule set in place very few manufacturers can justify the certification costs for the XS or XL size wings, this has lead to an unacceptable situation for light and heavy pilots. Many female pilots for example have been demotivated since the rule change.
  4. The PMA would like to see more emphasis placed on pilot education (SIV) for flying high aspect ratio wings.

The PMA recommends to create a new Competition Classoutside of the existing testing regime. The parameters of the new class are described Leitet Herunterladen der Datei einin the PDF.