PMA statement after glider checking

PMA statement after glider checking of PWC Superfinal gliders at Air Turquoise on 13th February 2014

1) A PMA representative was present during the inspection of the PWC Superfinal Enzo2 at Air Turquoise on 13th February 2014.

The PMA agrees with the conclusions of the PWCA and find that the PWC Superfinal Enzo2 was significantly modified from the certified wing.

The main modifications were a longer trailing edge, a shorter leading edge, moving the B and C line attachment points forward and longer C-lines.

On the basis of our experience these changes increase the top speed of the glider. It is also our experience that the top speed of a wing is closely related to its safety.

2) Certification relies to a large extent on the honesty of manufacturers.

It is a very difficult task to fully check all aspects of a glider and this is why the good intentions of the manufacturer are so important.

It is particularly important that a certified glider sold to the public is not modified by the manufacturer, especially as the safety can be affected by these modifications. 

All PMA members commit themselves not to modify a certified glider compromising its certification.

3) During the PWC Superfinal Ozone made a written statement that the Enzo2 conforms to the certified sample.

The glider inspections have shown that the SF Enzo2 was heavily modified from the certified model, so therefore Ozone’s statement was false.

Considering the above we have an infringement of the statutes of the PMA and we would like to express our strong disapproval to such behaviour.

Because this brings into question the trustworthiness of the manufacturer, the PMA would support an investigation into the conformity of other recently certified Ozone wings. 

Furthermore The PMA is currently going through the internal democratic process to agree on what further actions to take concerning this issue.