PPG test by DGAC in France is valid in Germany

German ministry of transport confirms: PPG test by DGAC in France is valid in Germany

The document which you have sent (FICHE D'IDENTIFICATION ULM DE CLASSE 1) has been issued by the French authority DGAC in charge for certification. As far as I can assess this document it is a confirmation, that the mentioned sample conforms to the claimed limits and properties. It therefore can be compared with the German certificate data sheet. 

In the substantiation to the decree of the new version of the German LuftGerPV (airsports products testing decree) it says in the §11 section 4: " Additionally it is made clear in section 4, that certifications within the European Union or within the European Economic Area are equivalent to German certifications." I have already explained in my last email, that what matters is a certificate by the respective authority in charge about a certain product or sample which complies to specified requirements, but not the requirements themselves.

I therefore regard the presented document as a sufficient proof in the sense of §11 section 4 of the LuftGerPV by an authority in charge in another country.

Yours sincerely

on behalf