The EN-Norm and WG6 must be saved

The PMA is concerned that the EHPU (union of the European pilot associations), encouraged by the DHV, has withdrawn the current funding for the further development of the EN norms for paragliding.

This is undermining the development and improvement of what is currently used by the world-wide paragliding community as THE internationally acknowledged safety and certification standard. The PMA members see the EN standards for paragliding as the only realistic and least confusing way to objectively certify wings within our sport. The EN standards for paragliding are not perfect and current concerns show we have to improve them further and that needs funds and voluntary work.

These EN standards are developed and improved by international groups of experts, consisting of pilot associations, test laboratories and manufacturers rather than being dominated by only one expert (the DHV) as happened before the international agreements on these EN standards were formed. The further developments of EN standards are first discussed within the national standardization institutions like AFNOR, BS, DIN… and after these proposals are amalgamated to one joint document within the European working group WG6 where each participating country has one vote. Only when unanimity is reached the changes are incorporated to form the revised new EN standard.

The PMA is asking all pilots to voice their concerns to their national associations to make them fully support the further development of the EN standards for paragliding.
For more information read the call to action the FFVL have made …(Initiates file downloadlink to the letter of FFVL in English)